Pages Of A Story

Pages Of A Story was born as I started to share my story with others. Telling your story can be so very healing, moving, and terrifying, but also very necessary. I wanted to create a platform for myself and for others to be able to share our stories in a loving, supportive and compassionate way.

Sharing our stories with others is such an incredibly vulnerable act and within our vulnerability is our strength. We have so many stories to share with each other, so many different perspectives, so much to learn from one another. Telling our stories is important. You never know who is resonating with what you’ve said, you never know whose life or perspective can be changed by telling your story. Pages Of A Story’s intention is to be a kind, supportive and safe space. A platform where we can express ourselves, have our voices be heard.

I wanted to be able to speak to guests from all over the world, from all walks of life. This podcast is close to my heart as I know what it feels like to feel like no one cares about what I have to say. I know what it feels like to be so scared to speak up, that I allow my voice to become muted. This podcast is not intended to create controversy, debates, or unkind reactions. These are the pages of our stories, from our perspective, through our eyes, and from our hearts.

I know so many incredible people and there are so many more incredible people I haven’t even met yet. This is a safe space for us all to share our stories, our experiences and what we’ve learned along the way. Every single story is different, as well as the way we experience our lives and the way we choose to move forward. These are pages of our stories.

Pages Of A Story will be launching April 1st, 2022. Check back then for more details!